OAKLAND COUNTY (WWJ) – If you don’t think that your vote counts — you might want to talk to Jason Kneisc.

Kneisc edged David Marsh for the third seat on Clarkston City Council by just one vote.

election clarkston 1 vote screenshot Every Vote Counts: Oakland County Race Decided By One VoteThe final vote for Kneisc was 174 to Marsh’s 173. Ouch. Other winning city council members were Eric Haven and Scott Reynolds.

It’s unknown if a recount will be a part of the post-election duties.

In Troy, it’s a ballot question of whether city can sell certain property without residents’ approval.

Should the public have a vote when it comes to larger land deals stems from a $328 million development of vacant property surrounding the Troy Civic Center? Voters on Tuesday said no.

A group called Save The Civic Center gathered nearly 3,000 signatures over the summer to require a public vote on any such deal — over 90 days involving 2 acres or more.

The city of Troy wants to sell 125 acres and create a development including condos, offices and retail space.

Mike of Troy agreed with the cause: “I think the public should have a fair chance to speak out and say something. I don’t think speed should be a factor.”

That proposal went down to defeat — basically a win for city.

All but two proposals on the ballot in Oakland County have passed.

Voters said “no” to the above Troy plan to sell and develop city-owned property.

In Madison Heights, voters said no to a $29 million bond to combine the high school and middle school.

Final results in Fraser, where City Councilman Matt Hemelberg tried to win back his seat after he was forced out along with the Mayor amid allegations they sexually harassed city workers. Hemelberg has lost, gaining just nine percent of the votes. The winners include Suzanne Kalka, David Winowiecki and Michale Lesich. The Fraser Public Safety proposal has passed, along with city proposals in along with a school proposal in Warren Woods

Robery Taylor has won the mayor’s race in Roseville, as has Barbara Dempsey in Mt. Clemens.

Westland‘s William Wilde wins another term in office.

Incumbent Karen Weaver has survived a recall election to remain mayor of Flint, as the city recovers from a lead-contaminated water crisis. Weaver topped a field of 18 in Tuesday’s winner-take-all election and will serve the final two years of her four-year term.

The official reason for the election was Weaver’s decision to hire a suburban Detroit trash hauler that became connected to a federal corruption investigation. A decision for a future water source for Flint was put off until after the election.

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