DETROIT (WWJ) – Saying the ‘us verses them politics’ are a thing of the past — Mayor Mike Duggan greeting campaign supporters Tuesday night in celebrating the win for city major — another four years for the incumbent.

Duggan took a wide-lead early over his challenger state Senator Coleman Young II — and held onto that lead all night. Duggan said, unlike his opponent, he had a positive campaign.

“This is the year where we put us verses them politics behind us forever because we believe in one Detroit for all of us,” said Duggan.

“The city government is going to stay in the hands of a strong financial team.”

Duggan was challenged by state Sen. Coleman Young II for Detroit mayor in an election in which fewer than a fifth of the city’s 470,000 registered voters were expected at the polls.

Duggan, a former chief of the Detroit Medical Center, was first elected in 2013 and became the first white mayor in the city since 1973. Young, who had been a state representative, was elected to the Michigan Senate in 2010. He ran unsuccessfully in a 2009 special mayoral primary to complete the second term of convicted ex-Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

[Check Wayne County results HERE]

[Check Oakland County results HERE]

[Check Macomb County results HERE]

[Check Genesee County results HERE]


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