By: Will Burchfield

Bill Belichick was mic’d up and in prime form during the Patriots’ game versus the Dolphins on Sunday.

With plenty to celebrate in his team’s 35-17 win, the stoic head coach hardly batted an eye. In fact, he didn’t utter a word during any of the Patriots’ five touchdowns.

But two things visibly warmed Belichick’s heart: a few strong plays on special teams (of course) and an excited Johnson Bademosi.

Just prior to the Patriots’ sixth sack of the day, the ever-keen Belichick said, with all the enthusiasm of a gas-station attendant giving directions, “He might have a shot. Go. Yep. There it is.”

At that point, Bademosi approached the sideline, shouted in excitement and nearly bumped into Belichick. Realizing he had invaded the coach’s space, Bademosi quickly retreated and apologized.

But Belichick wasn’t mad. In fact, he looked back at Bademosi and — wait for it — chuckled.

Maybe he’s human, after all.

The Patriots acquired Bademosi from the Lions in September in exchange for a 2019 sixth-round draft pick. He’s one of a handful of former Lions on the Patriots’ roster, including Kyle Van Noy and LaAdrian Waddle.

Watch the full video of Belichick mic’d up on


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