LIVONIA (WWJ) – Sharise Glenn of Redford Township was with her 24-year old daughter at the Walmart in Livonia just before closing last week when two women approached her.

“They said that they were Secret Santas and could they give us a Christmas gift? And I said ‘sure,’ and she reached inside her pocket and she pulled out a hundred-dollar bill and she said, ‘Merry Christmas,'” said Glenn.

Glenn’s daughter Courtney Young–who had recently lost her job– was in the Walmart line to cancel her layaway of toys for her two young sons.

That’s when her sister told her to step out of line for a minute and the ladies gave her not one, but two hundred dollars.

“My sister said, ‘this is the person who just blessed you with a hundred dollars to go pay for your layaway,'” said Young.

“I was speechless, but I have to thank God because he knew what I was going through and he always provides a way.”

Young says people, “were able to buy everything — everybody was just walking out with buggies. Like, two buggies or more filled with toys. People were just crying and they were happy — like — my daughter gets to have an excellent Christmas.”

The Secret Santas were described as two young women — they allegedly gave money to other people there too.




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