Michigan State football. Spartans, NFL, Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints MSU Logo Randomly On Field During Falcons-Saints Game [PHOTO] – CBS Detroit

Is Michigan State football playing today? No they are not, but someone might have thought otherwise.

If you’re a Lions fan who is keeping an eye on the New Orleans-Atlanta game, then you may have noticed a random Michigan State logo on the field. Don’t worry, you’re not going crazy because there ACTUALLY  was a random Spartans logo on the field.

A broadcasting mishap resulted in Michigan State’s iconic Spartan-head logo appearing on the field during the first quarter of the Saints-Falcons game on Sunday. You can see the random logo on the field as Falcons running back Devonta Freeman races down the left sideline. The random/comical mistake can be seen below.

What a weird thing to have happen, right? Not only is it during an NFL game, but Michigan State has no relation geographically to either of these teams. Nor is there a former Spartan on either of these team’s active rosters.

So why did this happen? Well, SB Nation had a possible answer.

“The Spartans are playing in the San Diego County Credit Union Holiday Bowl Thursday, a game that will air on FS1,” Harry Lyles Jr. wrote. “You have to imagine that somebody somehow loaded up this graphic onto the field by accident. But even if it were one of those ‘first-and-10’ markers, it wouldn’t be that far up the field.”

Hmmm…that could certainly be the reason why. Lyles also pointed out that it could just be a Michigan State alum or fan who wanted to give his or her school some extra love during an NFL game.

Either way, it’s something you don’t normally see, and maybe it’ll give the Saints some extra luck in trying to knock off the Falcons today. Remember, the Detroit Lions need the Falcons to lose their final two games to remain alive for the playoffs.


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