Snowy Owl, Detroit, Quicken Loan, One Campus Martius


DETROIT (WWJ) — It’s official — we’ve finally spotted a snowy owl in the Detroit area!

It was reported earlier this month that Michigan and other Midwestern states would see an influx of snowy owls — an all-white raptor native to the Arctic that’s rarely seen south of Lake Michigan — because of an irruption, which happens every four to five years. The snowy owls are normally found in northern Canada and rarely are seen in Michigan.

However, they are here for the winter and one was spotted sitting on the roof of One Campus Martius on Friday. The Metro Times reported a Quicken Loans worker saw others looking out a window and that led to her trying to get closer to the beautiful bird.

“A bunch of people I work with kept looking out the window — I sit right by the window he was under — on the eighth floor of One Campus Martius,” Meg Bowyer told Metro Times. “My coworker and I went down to the fifth floor to get a closer look and that’s when I shot the video. He was up there all day!”

The video shot by her was uploaded to YouTube and can be seen above.

There should be more and more snowy owl spotting across the area, with researchers stating this year’s irruption could be larger than the last one — seen in the winter of 2013-14. Scientists and researchers also said that while they encourage people to see the birds, they advise keeping a minimum of 100 yards away from them.


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