DETROIT (WWJ) – Detroit firefighters battled the bitterly cold temperatures along with several house fires Wednesday morning.

The fire broke out at a vacant home on Hazelwood, in the area of Rosa Parks and Clairmount avenues, and spread to two neighboring homes, one of which was occupied.

The residents were able to escape without injury.

“My dog kept waking me up and I didn’t know what was going on. I got up and looked out there and tried to call 911,” said neighbor Lois Atcher, who was rescued by firefighters. “It took them forever to get here and they didn’t have no water when they got here.”

Firefighters had difficulty holding back the flames due to lack of water in some fire hydrants. Crews had to run lines from blocks away to bring water to the scene.

A cause of the fire remains under investigation.

  1. Your facts are a bit off.. Two of the houses were occupied not just one. Luckily no one was home in one of the houses! The total loss of 2 houses could have been avoided if the city had sufficient staff and working equipment!

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