ANN ARBOR – Social activities are starting to return to fraternities on the campus of the University of Michigan, following a two-month ban.

The ban went into effect in early November amid allegations of sexual harassment, hazing and drug use.

Past cases which involved legal action and much public attention included several fraternity members being charged in connection with hundreds of thousands in damage to a Gaylord resort in early 2015 during a weekend party.

Six fraternities and sororities from the school damaged doors, furniture, fixtures and carpet at Treetops and Boyne Highlands in January.  Another $30,000 in damage was done to 12 condos at Boyne Highlands near Petoskey.

Officials at the Intrafraternity Council say the activities are being phased in, along with new rules for each chapter. Among the rules – no alcohol at council-sanctioned social events and more sober monitors.

There are 27 chapters on campus that will be part of the reforms. The releasesays that formal recruitment for the Winter 2018 semester will continue as scheduled, although no IFC-sanctioned social events will be permitted or occur during that recruitment period.




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