TROY (WWJ) – Two calls came into the Troy police station early Wednesday morning connected to the same house of worship.

The first call was from administrators at Zion Church on Livernois asking police to investigate vandalism resulting from gunfire — the second call came from a man who wanted police to know the church was actually an alien spaceship.

Investigators say the unidentified 40-year-old Troy man fired shots into a window at the dome-shaped church believing it was other-worldly.

Sergeant Meghan Lehman of the Troy Police Department says churches do not have to be concerned about a repeat incident, “We have absolutely no reason to believe this individual targeted this church because it was a church or he had a beef against Christians. We don’t suspect that at all.

“Mental health could be an issue here,” said Lehman. “He did say that he thought that building was a spaceship for aliens … it appears to be more of a delusion type of issue here.”

A full report will be sent to the prosecutor’s office to determine if charges will be filed.


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