DETROIT (WWJ) – An immigrant from Albania facing deportation is taking sanctuary at a Detroit church.

Central United Methodist Church on Woodward is housing 48-year-old Ded Rranxburgaj of Southgate after he received word three months ago that he would be deported later this month.

Jill Zundell pastor of Central United Methodist Church. (WWJ/Stephanie Davis)

He cares for his wife Flora who has multiple sclerosis.

“My husband take [sic] care of me for everything — like baby,” she says.

Her husband was able to stay in the U.S. under a humanitarian order, but that was revoked last year.

Pastor Jill Zundel says the church will protect the family and help provide for the two sons.

“Donald Trump, if you want these families, you will have to go through us,” said Rev. Zundel.

“We are saying right here and right now. That this family will be protected here at Central United Methodist Church in sanctuary. This family will not be pulled apart under our watch.”

Rranxburgaj thanked the all the people present and the church for their support.

“I feel very, very good and I thank all the people that supports me helping me — my wife and my kids.”

Both are from Albania and came to the U.S. almost two decades ago seeking political asylum. Flora is able to stay in the country due to her illness.

The church is considered a sanctuary site and supposedly off-limits to immigration authorities.


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