LANSING (WWJ) – The Michigan Speaker of the House is calling on the entire board of trustees at Michigan State University to resign.

WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick reports this comes in the wake of comments by Trustee Joel Ferguson which drew widespread blow back.

Skubick noted that Speaker Tom Leonard (R-DeWitt) was the first legislative leader to call for MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon to resign.

“He is obviously is sticking to that,” Skubick reported, “and now he’s been watching the conduct and behavior of the Board of Trustees, and Tom Leonard has concluded the board ought to go as well.”

Ferguson on Wednesday apologized for his remarks about the ongoing court proceedings in the Larry Nassar case. On a local Lansing radio show, Ferguson discussed the trustees’ heavy support for Simon, saying the university has so much more going on than just “this Nassar thing.” Ferguson was criticized for minimizing the case against Nassar, a former sports doctor accused of sexually assaulting women and girls as he worked at MSU and for USA Gymnastics, which trains Olympians.

A spokesperson said Ferguson recognizes the suffering of the victims and meant to refer to it as the “Nassar tragedy.”

This came as the final witnesses spoke at the sentencing hearing for Nassar, who faces a minimum prison term of 25 to 40 years, on top of a 60 year sentence on a separate conviction for child pornography.

Both the Michigan State University and USA Gymnastics are accused of mishandling the case.

[‘Enjoy Hell:’ Doctor’s Sentence Next For Assaulting Gymnasts]

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  1. I agree they should all go – especially Ferguson. His chuckled “This is not Penn State” statement when asked about sanctions showed his complete contempt for the horrors these children were subjected to. Because they were female is the sexual abuse less tragic? He showed complete disregard to the tragedy as long as the University was making money.

  2. This is one of the Two major Universities in the state of MI. All of the elected Officials at the state Level should resign. They should have been aware of what was going on and if they were it was a cover up and if they weren’t, they were not doing their job. Do the right thing and resign all you elected representatives and senators…

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