By Marisa Fusinski

(97.1 The Ticket) While sports fans are likely familiar with Blake Griffin’s career prior to the Pistons — they may not know about his side gig.

When he’s not on the court, the five-time NBA All-Star has been known to do a little stand-up comedy.

Many of Griffin’s jokes have to do with the game; and, as he puts it, the “messed up situations” that athletes find themselves in.  In one act, back in 2016, Griffin joked about what it’s like to be traded to another team.

“Like, you’re just supposed to be OK with that?” Griffin said. “Like, you put all your heart and soul in one team…and then one day they’re like: ‘No, we’re good…you’re goin’ to Nashville.'”

“Imagine if there was trades in relationships,” he continued. “You know, one day your wife is like, ‘Honey, I kinda wanna f*** Jason now… so I traded you to Sarah. I’m gonna need you to pack up your s*** and leave tonight.”

While Griffin told the joke long before he was traded to the Pistons, it certainly seems apropos today. [WATCH IT HERE. **Note: Video contains profanity

In another performance, during an open mic night, Griffin recited some comedic poems, garnering quite a bit of laughter from the audience.

While it’s not difficult to picture Griffin taking the stage at Mark Ridley’s, it remains unclear if he plans to continue his comedy career in metro Detroit.

So, what do you think? Do you find him funny? Would you go to see Griffin perform?


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