DETROIT (WWJ) – It’s Fat Tuesday’s most bizarre, but beloved, franken-food: the coney dog paczki.

American Coney Island is celebrating Pazcki Day with the return of its coney paczki — a Detroit-style coney dog wrapped in a sugary pastry instead of a bun.

“It’s a glazed donut — really, paczki, OK, it is a little different — with some creamy chili, a hot dog, mustard, onions,” said Grace Keros, American Coney Island owner. “Bite into it, a party in your mouth.”

Arianna, from Roseville, described it as two Detroit favorites on one plate.

“It looks very big and very filling and very fattening,” she said

Each coney paczki costs $5. If you want one, you need to act fast because these treats will only be sold on Fat Tuesday, Feb. 13. And you can only get them in person at American Coney Island, 114 W. Lafayette Boulevard.


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