ROYAL OAK (WWJ) – Driving northbound on Woodward near 13 Mile in Royal Oak, you are likely to notice a traffic backup in the right lane. The problem: Starbucks.

The daily back up during rush hour is often times caused by cars lined in the Starbucks drive-thru. The coffee shop is so popular, the line often stretches out of the parking lot and spills onto Woodward Avenue, blocking traffic in the right lane.

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Whether you’re buying coffee or just sitting in the backup, it can be frustrating and dangerous. But Royal Oak Police Chief Corrigan O’Donahue says at this point, they won’t be ticketing drivers for impeding traffic.

“The issues we’re having at Starbucks, for the most part, it’s really limited to rush hour and once rush hour is done, all those issues kind of are resolved,” O’Donahue told WWJ’s Laura Bonnell.

O’Donahue said drivers going to Starbucks or heading past 13 Mile Road should be aware and use caution.

“The biggest advice we have is just be patient,” he said.

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And patience is key, because drivers likely won’t see an end to this problem.

“That intersection gets very busy during rush hour with or without the Starbucks being there. The Starbucks does compound the problem but I think for a lot of drivers, especially if they’re unfamiliar with the area, they’re really not sure what the issue is. So, how to get traffic to flow a little bit easier has been kind of a difficult problem to resolve,” said O’Donahue.

Tim Thwing, director of community development in Royal Oak, says Starbucks did everything they were supposed to and is in compliance with city code.

“It met our minimum standards for a drive-thru and carry out restaurant,” he said.

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Starbucks, which declined to comment on the issue, isn’t the only business along Woodward that seems to have this problem. Traffic at other fast food restaurants and even the local car wash at 11 Mile often back up into traffic.