Troy Man Ordered Held On $125,000 Bond After 13-Hour Standoff With Police

(WWJ) The sound of gunfire rang out in a Troy neighborhood near Somerset Collection at 3:23 a.m. Tuesday and the mayhem continued for 13 hours before police were able to arrest the man who had barricaded himself inside his home.

Bryce Williams, 36, was arraigned Thursday afternoon at the 52-4 District Court on a four count felony warrant, including charges for discharge of a gun in a building, felonious assault, and two counts of possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony.  His bond was set at $125,000 and he was transferred to the Oakland County Jail.

Williams first came to police attention when a woman dialed 911 and said Williams was inside the house with another man, his father, and she could hear gunfire.

“Officers quickly arrived on scene, gave shelter to the victim caller, and set up a perimeter around the home,” Troy police said in a press release. “Officers continued to hear gunfire from the home and a short time later observed an older male flee from the residence.”

Once he arrived at safety, Williams’ father advised officers his son was now in possession of at least three handguns.

Two members of the Troy Police Department’s crisis negotiation team quickly established phone contact with Williams.

“Williams was clearly agitated and aggressive, continued to fire rounds in the home, and refused to surrender to officers,” police said.

Williams also set up strobe lighting in the front window to inhibit officers’ vision as they held the perimeter. Police advised surrounding neighbors to shelter in place.

The Troy Police Tactical Support Team and additional members of the Crisis Negotiation Team responded.  As the incident progressed and negotiations continued, additional tactical resources responded from The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office and Southeast Oakland SWAT.  Alliance Mobile Health also had several ambulance crews on scene.

Early in the afternoon, Williams refused to continue phone contact with the negotiation team and an additional gunshot was heard in the home.  Tactical officers were able to breach the front door of the residence and insert a robot with monitoring capability.  It was discovered that Williams was still armed and had fortified his bedroom with furniture from the home.

Negotiations were reestablished through the robot’s audio capability.

After lengthy negotiations failed to progress with Williams, tactical officers introduced nonflammable chemical munitions into the residence.  This caused Williams to move from his barricaded position towards the front of the residence, although still armed with a handgun.

Tactical Officers on scene continued ordering Williams to drop the firearm via the robot and the armored vehicle PA system.  Just prior to Williams reaching the front door, tactical officers observed him throw the firearm across the floor.

Finally at 4:58 pm — 13.5 hours after the initial 911 call was received — Williams exited the residence unarmed and was immediately taken into custody by the Tactical Support Team.  The family pet, an elder beagle, was safely removed from the home uninjured.

Williams was transported to a local hospital and cleared for incarceration and then brought to the Troy Police station.


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