LANSING (AP) – This tax season, the Michigan Department of Treasury is reminding low- to moderate-income individuals that they may be eligible for a tax credit that has averaged $148 per claimant.

The state offers an earned income tax credit worth 6 percent of the federal earned income tax credit.

The state Treasury Department says thousands of Michiganders are eligible for both each year but do not claim them. More than 770,000 claimants received the Michigan earned income tax credit during the 2016 tax year.

Deputy Treasurer Glenn White is “strongly” encouraging all of those eligible to take advantage of the credit, saying it puts extra income in the pockets of individuals and families “in most need.”

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  1. Yen Whit says:

    Why not give an example of say a family of four with a certain earning amount and how they could benefit? The MDOTreasury is basically disingenuis and really would prefer that the poor not use this benefit. Michigan is really antiworker and antipoor…..

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