LANSING (WWJ) – Michigan teachers could be armed in schools under a proposal by an Oakland County house lawmaker.

White Lake Republican Jim Runestad will hold hearings this spring on a bill that would give school districts the option of keeping access to guns under lock and key in their buildings. Teachers who volunteer would be given 80 hours firearms training.

“Children are vulnerable targets in our schools and school shootings will not be stopped until our schools are secure,” Runestad, chair of the House Judiciary Committee, said in a statement. “By the time police arrive it is usually too late. It’s time to develop model protocols for the nation here in Michigan, whereby specially trained staff who volunteer will be able to access a secured firearm in event of an emergency.”

Other bills in Lansing would give districts the option of employees with concealed carry permits and extra training to carry guns in schools, with another bill mandating that school employees with CCWs be allowed to bring their guns.

Multiple states are currently considering options to arm teachers and staff who volunteer or piloting programs to partner with law enforcement to have administrative field offices located in schools with armed officers.

“Our children will not be secure in our schools until we have adequate defenses,” Runestad said. “This means specialty trained voluntary staff with the means to protect them, along with other security features.”


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