DETROIT (AP) – With provocative signs and loud chants, thousands of people have marched in Michigan in support of gun restrictions.

Students from across southeastern Michigan led the way along the Detroit River and through downtown streets Saturday. They held signs that said, “Books Not Bullets” and “Am I Next?”

Another sign said that only a math test should scare kids – not the possibility of violence. A Detroit police boat on the river honked in support.

Aaron Johnson, a 21-year-old at the College for Creative Studies, carved a sign that told gun owners “to find a new hobby.” He believes the mass shooting in Florida might be the “tipping point” for gun control.

Fifty-eight-year-old Brian Koehler of St. Clair Shores says he’s a gun owner who wants common sense changes. He says there should be background checks on every gun purchase or transfer in the U.S.

Koehler says there’s no reason for someone to be able to fire 30 rounds from a magazine unless they’re in the military.

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  1. Anthony Alan says:

    Guns aren’t the only problem….Shut down social media that created this “from a nobody to infamy in a second” craze and do something about the media who spew hate!..Otherwise I’ll just wait for the next nobody that wants to become somebody..because it’ll will happen..ALWAYS does.

  2. r4back says:

    Very well-prepared and determined lunatics commit mass murder. And they’re going to do it even if all they have is a pointed stick or a banana.
    Weapon used – Body Count – Location
    1. Knives – 31 dead – China
    2. Machetes – 500 dead – Nigeria
    3. A samurai sword and a baseball bat – 4 dead – California
    4. Passenger airliners – 2,996 dead – New York
    5. An ax handle – 6 dead – Colorado
    6. Poisoned grape drink – 912 dead – Guyana
    7. A pipe bomb – 22 dead – Thailand
    8. Pressure cooker bombs – 3 dead – Boston
    9. A truck bomb – 168 dead – Oklahoma
    10. Dynamite – 45 dead – Michigan
    11. Gasoline and two matches – 87 dead – New York
    12. Gasoline and a lighter – 133 dead – S Korea
    13. Sarin gas – 13 dead – Japan.
    Nearly 5,000 people murdered and not a single gun was used, not a single shot was fired.
    That’s my piece, agree or not, I don’t care. Flame away or do what you need to do but, bottom line is that a deranged person hell bent on killing, doesn’t have to have a gun.

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