Northville (NORTHVILLE POLICE DEPARTMENT) – On Monday March 26, 2018 a resident in the Northville Estates subdivision, located near Eight Mile Road and Beck Road, reported a sighting of a large cat (possibly a cougar) in the area during the morning hours of Sunday March 25, 2018. The home owner’s spouse believed she saw the same animal this morning in the same area. Officers went to the area and attempted to locate evidence of the animal (tracks or scat), but were unable to confirm the sighting.

The State of Michigan DNR was contacted who advised us that the chances of this sighting being an actual cougar are highly unlikely. However, the DNR did encourage any resident who may see the animal, or something similar, to attempt to obtain a photograph of it – being safe in doing so, of course. If a photograph is not possible, note the area where the animal was seen in and contact the Police Department immediately so that we may attempt to locate tracks that could assist in identifying the animal.

The DNR recognizes that the prospect of cougars in Michigan is alarming to many citizens because cougars are potentially dangerous wild animals. The available evidence indicates populations in the Midwest are very low and therefore, the likelihood of cougar encounters and attacks is correspondingly very low.

The City of Northville Police Department asks that all residents keep an eye out for any suspicious or unusual animals and report them immediately.

Non-emergency – 248 349-1234

Emergency – 911

Comments (2)
  1. Run into them all the time down here…

  2. If your small dogs and cats suddenly go missing – you can find them in the big cat scat.

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