By Mickie McLeod

The Season Finale of Survivor: Ghost Island is already next week! Only seven castaways are left. Who made it to the top six on this week’s episode?

After the divorce with Wendell and Dom, Kellyn hasn’t been sure which way to go. She’s ready to stir things up now to keep her game alive.

Meanwhile, Donathan and Laurel are ready not to play it safe anymore. The two have been together since day one and Laurel is regretting not voting out Wendell last week. She knows it’s time to get one of the two, Wendell, out, but knows they’ve had her back. She’s still debating on which way to go, and Donathan isn’t thrilled with coasting in the middle. Will Donathan finally break his game up with Laurel? (or is it Yanny)?

s36 ep13 sg 022b Survivor: Ghost Island   Episode Thirteen Recap   Always Be Moving

(Credit: CBS Entertainment)

Reward Challenge / Ghost Island

This challenge was an exhausting one! The castaways had to compete for a reward of being a Survivor Ambassador to children on the Nanuya and Fiji Islands. There they would give the children gifts of school supplies and toys, followed by a feast of fried chicken and chocolate cake to enjoy.

In this challenge, the seven had to divide into partners. The teams were:

Dom and Wendell
Kellyn and Sabastian
Laurel and Donathan
Angela did not get to participate

s36 ep13 sg 059b Survivor: Ghost Island   Episode Thirteen Recap   Always Be Moving

(Credit: CBS Entertainment)

Each team had to drop wooden spools on a track. While racing down the stairs, the team would have to catch the spools before they hit the ground. The key to this challenge was to time the spools accordingly, so none of them would fall off. The last team standing without having any of the spools fall wins reward!

After 33 Days, the exhaustion was hitting everyone right as they began. Spool after spool, the teams had to run back and forth up and down stairs. There’s nothing easy about this challenge and fatigue was really setting in.

The hustle was going. It was Sabastian and Kellyn dropping first after five spools, followed by Laurel and Donathan. This meant that Wendell and Dom had killed this challenge and won the reward. In return, they both got to decide to choose someone to join with them, as well as someone to head to Ghost Island. The two chose Sabastian to go to Ghost Island, and Laurel to join them in on the fun reward. Meanwhile, Donathan was bitter about this decision.

s36 ep13 sg 056b Survivor: Ghost Island   Episode Thirteen Recap   Always Be Moving

(Credit: CBS Entertainment)

At the reward, the Nanuya children were so excited to greet the three. These castaways have traveled halfway around the world just to play the game of Survivor. It was a special time for Laurel, Dom, and Wendell to spend their day giving the children of Nanuya school supplies and toys. At the feast, Laurel tells the two that she’s with them to their face, but truthfully, she says she’s ready to cut their throats. Will this happen tonight?

At Ghost Island, Sabastian says he thinks Dom and Wendell define himself as a Remora, which is an Atlantic sucker fish. He explains that the Remora spends their life attached to a host animal, such as a whale or shark. He says he’s ready to turn into a shark though and bite hard in the game. At Ghost Island, he was given a three out of four shot game to win an advantage. He did win, and he had received the extra vote from Michaela’s season in Game Changers. This extra vote was initially used in this current season by Kellyn. However, since Kellyn didn’t use the vote correctly, as she voted Laurel twice, this advantage is now passed to Sabastian. Will he be the one to reverse this curse?


Individual Immunity Challenge

Survivor is full of do or die moments. That moment for one of these seven is right now. The first person to finish this obstacle wins Immunity and gets a one in six shot at winning the one million dollar prize and title of Sole Survivor.

The castaways had to run through an obstacle, hauling planks and assemble a bridge with them. After correctly assembling their pieces and crossing their own bridges, everyone then had to assemble each of their ladders next. The third and final part of this challenge was the Survivor slide puzzle. This puzzle had been played the first day. It’s a relatively simple puzzle to solve, but was so challenging for everyone.

s36 ep13 sg 051b Survivor: Ghost Island   Episode Thirteen Recap   Always Be Moving

(Credit: CBS Entertainment)

In the end, it was Laurel that won the Individual Immunity… technically. It was shown that Wendell had solved the puzzle first. However, he was pissed in the end because he simply did not call it right away! In Survivor, if you think you have finished a puzzle, it is required to call host, Jeff Probst, to check it. He was standing there ready to show his puzzle but remained silent. The problem is he did not call Jeff’s name to verify his win. Although he finished first, he did not win since Laurel called Jeff’s name. He was not happy about this, but the exhaustion didn’t make him think straight in this challenge.


Tribal Council

It was hard to tell where the votes were heading before Tribal. Beforehand, Donathan had confronted Wendell and Dom and drops a “truth bomb” on them. He says he’s skeptical working with them because he can’t win against the two in the end. Because of this, Wendell and Dom feel uneasy. They both decided to come up with a plan to make a fake idol. While doing this, Dom flashes a necklace for the phony idol in front of where Donathan was sitting.

Donathan is getting paranoid now. He tells Dom and Wendell straight to their face that he does not want to get blindsided if they plan to vote him out tonight. After seeing the simple beaded necklace that Dom gave Wendell, Donathan questions everything. Paranoia is setting in. The two weirded out that Donathan was questioning so much.

s36 ep13 sg 023b Survivor: Ghost Island   Episode Thirteen Recap   Always Be Moving

(Credit: CBS Entertainment)

Approaching Tribal, Donathan pulls Kellyn to the side and explains to her that he feels like he’s about to get voted about by Dom and Wendell. This isn’t the case though, but his paranoia begins to dig himself a hole.

At Tribal, Donathan tells Dom that he’s done speaking to him. Immediately after Donathan snapping, Dom shakes things up and scares others and says that they need to stick to “the plan.” What is this plan though? It wasn’t clear.

The votes were one vote for Dom (from Donathan) and a tie for Kellyn and Donathan, three and three. After the re-vote, in the end, it was Kellyn who was sent to the jury, even though Donathan had his bag in his hand ready to leave. It’s shown that even though he was paranoid, Dom, Wendell, and Laurel still saved him. He was so paranoid; I was shocked he wasn’t voted out right there.


It’s been 35 Days and it’s down to final six. WOW! This amazing season has flown by. What’s everyone’s thoughts about who’s left? My prediction is either Laurel or Wendell will win it all! Tweet me @mick_cloudy and let’s talk!

Don’t miss the SEASON FINALE of Survivor: Ghost Island  next week, Wednesday, May 28th at 8/7c on CBS!


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