Click for Cash

8/6/18: Kevin S. from Royal Oak

8/7/18: Jill G. from Sterling Heights

8/8/18: Kathi R. from Eastpointe

8/9/18: Demetria J. from Detroit

8/10/18: Matthew D. from Ann Arbor

8/13/18: Martha W. from Clawson

8/14/18: Deborah J. from Detroit

8/15/18: Regina R. from Riverview

8/16/18: Carol G. from Clarkston

8/17/18: Toom K. from Sterling Heights

8/20/18: Lakesha T. from Ypsilanti

8/21/18: Lisa N. from Waterford

8/22/18: Jessica K. from Belleville

8/23/18: Barbara S. from Highland Park

8/24/18: Annette W. from Eastpointe

8/27/18: Brenda J. from Detroit

8/28/18: Jim S. from Clinton Township

8/29/18: Latoya J. from Westland

8/30/18: Marvel D. from Warren

8/31/18:George M. from Detroit

Royal Pup Contest

8/16/18 (Grand Prize): Jenakay T. from Whitmore Lake

8/16/18: Katie P. from Port Huron

8/16/18: Mark H. from Dearborn

8/16/18: Chuck M. from Sterling Heights

8/16/18: Kris M. from Southfield

Family Feud 2K a Day

4/27/18: Diandra D. from Detroit

4/26/18: Jacquelyn T. from Detroit

4/25/18: Tajh N. from Oak Park

4/24/18: Michella N. from Detroit

4/23/18: Allison O. from Shelby Twp.

Blue Man Group Ticket Giveaway

4/10/18: Candy M. from Livonia

Finding Neverland Ticket Giveaway

2/5/18: Ann K from Trenton

The Body Guard Ticket Giveaway

1/2/18: Jean Y. from Troy




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