The official start of summer is still days away but summer temps have already arrived. Although, nothing quite beats a trip to the beach to cool off, its important that if you are taking your furry friend to watch out for these hazards.

swimmingdog Beach Dangers for Dogs

  • Salt water: Too much saltwater can cause diarrhea and a tummy ache.
  • Sand: Too much sand can cause an upset stomach. When a lot of sand is ingested, it may cause serious intestinal problems.
  • Overheating: Give your dog shade and plenty of water so they don’t overheat.
  • Sunburn: Prevent sunburn with a veterinarian-approved sun lotion. Human sun lotion can be toxic.
  • Drowning: Most dogs are naturally great swimmers but some of them are better than others. To play it safe keep your dog near the shore.

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