The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor has been named the best college for the money in Michigan by Money magazine. Money ranked 727 of the best colleges based on quality of education, affordability and outcomes. And while the usual suspects topped the list — Princeton ranked first — 21 colleges in the Mitten also made the cut.

Money pared down its rankings by only including institutions that had at least 500 students, had sufficient, reliable data that could be analyzed, and weren’t strapped for cash. The colleges also had graduation rates that were at least the median for its institutional category — public, private or historically black college or university — or had a high “value-added” graduation rate.

Here are the best colleges in Michigan and their overall ranks.

  1. University Of Michigan- Ann Arbor No. 9
  2. Michigan State University No. 41
  3. Michigan Technological University No. 112
  4. Hope College, No. 248
  5. Calvin College, No. 268

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