A new list from Forbes ranks the 250 best employers in America for new graduates who are just entering the workforce. The magazine notes that these young job seekers want more than just a paycheck and the list points out which employers stand out in attracting them.

The magazine teamed up with market research company Statista for the inaugural list, which was released on Wednesday. Forbes says Statista surveyed 10,000 Americans who have been in the workforce for less than 10 years. The respondents had to work for a company with at least 1000 employees.

Topping the list is Adobe Systems, which attributes its success to “its understanding of the wants and needs of today’s entry-level employees,” according to Forbes. Adobe’s offerings include a program on the company’s practices for new employees and training programs, including one on recognizing unconscious bias. According to Forbes, Adobe gives “company-wide winter and summer breaks, sabbaticals and generous maternity, parental and family leave.” Adobe has also built internal networks “to support those living with disabilities, members of the LGBTQ community, women, veterans and employees of different races,” Forbes says.

Eight Michigan companies made Forbes’ list and one those companies, Stryker, a health care equipment company, was ranked No. 13 in the country.

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