DEARBORN — A local diner had a bad experience at the popular M Cantina restaurant in East Dearborn and his Facebook video of the encounter is going viral.

Maurice El-Amin’s 15-minute Facebook Live video documented Dearborn police being called after he didn’t want to pay for a dish he said had a strong “chemical” taste to it.

The man is an assistant principal at Cass Tech High School and reportedly took one bite of his chicken tinga tacos, only to not like them. He reportedly said he didn’t want to pay for the $10 tacos and one of the owners called the police in, the Detroit Metro Times reported.

El-Amin’s Facebook Live video has been viewed more than 21,000 times now.

The Detroit Free Press reported that El-Amin told the server about it before the cops were called and asked to order something else. El-Amin said that another employee told him the menu clearly explained that the dish contained chipotle, and that he could order something else — but would still have to pay for the tinga. El-Amin said he didn’t think the chipotle was the problem, though.

Photo: Maurice El-Amin facebook page

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