By Mickie McLeod

Cold. Rainy. Wet. Last night’s episode was a soggy one. The frigid wind was brewing the remaining 19 Castaways straight into misery. Although neither of the tribes had fire yet, the game was surely heating up.

Here’s what you missed on this weeks episode of Survivor: David vs. Goliath:

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David Tribe

On this season’s second episode, we’re still getting to know some of these determined Castaways on the David tribe. We see a lot of Christian, the Robotics Scientist, and Nick, the Country Boy Lawyer, and how they’re working well together. Last week, Nick was on the chopping block of getting voted out. Because of the accident of Pat in the season premiere last week, the David tribe did not arrive at Tribal Council. Nick’s thankful he’s still here, so he allies with Christian.

You can’t help but like the dynamic of Christian and Nick. Two people you wouldn’t expect to work together: a Country Boy and a Robotics Scientist. The two even came up with “virtual fist bump” handshakes and an alliance name: The Mason Dixon Line.

Meanwhile, more dynamics are aligning at the David camp. Lyrsa, the Puerto Rican Chef, and Elizabeth, the Kentucky Cowgirl,  are another two who are making a strong alliance early on in the game. However, in this week’s episode, Lyrsa’s name is getting thrown around, as she views as one of the weakest members of the tribe.  Carl, the Truck Driver, is the one who’s planning the scheme of voting her out at next Tribal Council. This didn’t sit well with Lyrsa when she found out the information from Elizabeth.

While others are talking strategy, there’s Davie who’s the one searching for Hidden Immunity Idols. Casually in this episode, we get to know who Davie is on the David Tribe. He’s a Social Media Guru and Manager back at home, and he seems to be pretty well liked by his tribe. Davie is the only one who appears to be exploring and hunting for food too. While exploring around, he noticed a bright yellow string out in the woods. He pulled the string and found the first Hidden Immunity Idol at their camp. Smelling the authentic Hidden Immunity Idol leather, he says he’s loving the moment and feels he has a strong leg up in the game now.


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Goliath Tribe

It’s fun to stay at the Goliath Camp, that’s for sure. The tribe of strong personalities is having a lot of enjoyment with each other as they’re joking around and getting along great. There’s one person who’s opposed to all of the “fun” though. That person is Natalie, the Publishing CEO with an aggressive personality.

Natalie says that her tribe is childish and not serious enough. She claims she’s trying to “lay low” and get along with others, but her behavior isn’t reflecting her motives at all. The rest of her tribe notices that all she does is sit around and bark orders. She doesn’t seem to take any action, and you can tell she’s a woman who doesn’t get told what to do. The tribe is keeping their eyes on her as the next person to vote out if they go to Tribal Council. John, the Pro Wrestler, however, wants to work with her, so he, of course, gives her the heads up.

After finding out about information about potentially getting voted off, Natalie is pissed. She even starts to confront and guilt everyone for it. She starts calling herself the Senior Citizen of the tribe and makes an argument that she’s not a threat because she’s older than them. She’s making others uncomfortable, but she’s not the type to care.  Jeremy, the intuitive Attorney, strikes up a conversation with Natalie, in hopes to bring some sense to her behavior. After a combative conversation with her, he decides to accept that Natalie lacks self-awareness, and he gives up trying to help her.

While Natalie is a dud, sparks are lighting up with a possible “showmance” of the season. Dan and Kara seem to hit it off, and there’s a lot of flirting with those two. Last week, Dan was the one who found the first Hidden Immunity Idol of the Goliath tribe. He kept it in his coat pocket, and Kara hung his coat up on a branch down the beach. This tactic of trying to keep his Idol unknown and safe didn’t work though, because  Jeremy was snooping around and noticed the Idol right away.

Now that others are catching on that Dan has an Idol, they’re realizing that Dan thinks he’s in a dominant position already in the game. The truth though is that information is more of an advantage in the game than the Idol itself. Now that others know the information about the Idol, Dan’s position isn’t as secure as he may think.

Although he thinks he has a romance sparking with Kara, Kara, on the other hand, is all about strategy. Watching these two is awesome. There’s even a scene where Kara, Natalia, and Angelina are chatting about how they’re all playing some of the men individually. The women are holding power in their hands, wrapping their guys around their fingers. It’s pretty entertaining to watch. And that’s a smart way to play Survivor!



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Immunity Challenge and Tribal Council

Immunity is back up for grabs! After receiving a complimentary fire making kit from Jeff Probst, the two tribes were also competing for a deluxe fishing kit to go well with their new fires.

It was almost a blowout right away, as the Goliath tribe was in the lead of this obstacle Immunity Challenge. The heat was pounding down on the tribe as their last leg involved balancing a block puzzle. The David tribe eventually caught up, but it wasn’t fast enough. Goliath won Immunity, which meant the David tribe was heading to Tribal Council.

It was a surprise to Lyrsa that she was on the bottom of their tribe, considering that she was one of the two people who won their first challenge. She wasn’t going to enter Tribal Council without a fight to survive. Initially, it was clear that Lyrsa was going to be the next one voted off. However, the uncertainty shook up amongst the tribe, especially with Gabby.

Gabby, the friendly Technical Writer, held a conversation with Christian, explaining to him that she feels uncertain with Bi and Jess, two strong women who planned to vote out Lyrsa. This created a ripple effect, which led to Jess being a candidate to vote out.

While revealing the votes at Tribal Council, it was pretty even between Lyrsa and Jess. Lyrsa’s fight to survive paid off though, and it was Jess who was the first person voted out on this season of Survivor: David vs. Goliath.


The season is just starting, but we can tell who the front-runners are so far! What are your predictions? I love the Mason-Dixon alliance with Christian and Nick. Tweet me @mick_cloudy and let’s talk Survivor!

Don’t miss Survivor: David vs. Goliath  Wednesday’s at 8/7c on CBS and don’t miss my recaps every week!


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