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It’s time to switch things up on last night’s episode of Survivor: David vs. Goliath. What’d you miss? I got you covered:

Despite winning the previous Immunity Challenge, the David tribe was still struggling because Bi had gotten injured. Since she’s an MMA Fighter, she decided to pull herself from the game. Leaving 16 remaining castaways left to play, 10 days in the game.

Host, Jeff Probst, surprised the remaining castaways by declaring a tribe swap. The David and Goliath Tribe were no more! The remaining 16 randomly drew buffs, which led them to divide into three equal new tribes of 5. This meant that one person didn’t get a buff. That castaway was Carl, who was sent off to Exile Island, the first time this season.

The New Tribes:
VUKU (Orange Buffs)
Natalia, Kara, and Alec from Goliath.
Davie and Elizabeth from David.

TIVA (Green Buffs)
John, Dan, and Alison from Goliath.
Christian and Gabby from David.

JABENI (Purple Buffs)
Natalie, Mike, and Angelina from Goliath.
Lyrsa and Nick from David.

All three new tribes were against the original David’s. Collectively, the David’s seem to be in a lot of trouble.

Exile Island

Exile Island is back. And Carl made the most of it. When arriving at the secluded destination, he read a riddle claiming a hunt for an advantage in the game. Reading carefully, he realized he had to jump into the ocean and find a specifically marked coconut floating around. He did find it, and retrieved an “Idol Nulifier.” The Idol Nulifier acts as a block to someone’s played Hidden Immunity Idol at a Tribal Council. This advantage Carl now has is huge. Never in all of the seasons that I’ve watched Survivor (which is all of them) I’ve seen this advantage!


Davie is ready to be “Devilish Davie” since he knows he’s on the outs along with Elizabeth. He’s trying hard to find a crack in the Goliath alliance. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is hitting it off with the ladies, well… one of them. Kara and her create a close bond over some of their hobbies of riding horses. While Elizabeth and Kara are creating some common ground together, Natalia begins to get jealous.

Natalia, one out of the three original Goliath, doesn’t like how close Kara and Elizabeth are getting. She begins getting paranoid and is afraid Kara will switch alliances. Is this the crack that Davie is hoping for on the new YUKU tribe?


The new Jabeni tribe may be the “David’s of the David’s” says Mike, filmmaker and writer. The new tribe is kind of quirky, to say the least — and it’s very likable.

One person who may be the least liked on their tribe, however, is Natalie. She was saved last week at Tribal Council, and Jeremy was voted out. Her attitude never changed since that scare though, and she’s still bossing around now her new tribe members. At one point, she even uses her CEO title as an authority and tells Angelina if she doesn’t finish making the fire that “she’s fired.”

With Natalie being so dominant, it’s no surprise that it’s sweet music to Nick and Lyrsa’s ears, as they’ve noticed the potential crack in their tribe’s Goliath alliance.


Cue the “Charm-pocalypse.”

Christian, a quirky favorite, says he’s ready to contribute as much as he can to his new tribe and start a “charm nuclear warfare.” He realizes him and Gabby are also the David’s that are on the bottom of their new tribe, so he wants to do all he can to fit in.

As a fan of John, the Pro Wrestler, Christian hits it off pretty well with him. Enamored by wrestling and “Slamtown” he asks John multiple intriguing questions about him and wrestling in general. John, along with Dan and Alison, begin to bond and get close with Christian. He fits in very well.

Gabby, on the other hand, is emotional. She’s doesn’t fit in well with her tribe, as she claims the original Goliath alliance is intimidating. She even cries to Christian. He consoles her though and brings her to a good spot of confidence to carry on.

Christian’s likeability in this game continues to rise every week.


Immunity Challenge and Tribal Council

Immunit(ies) are up for grabs! Now two tribes will be safe from Tribal Council. The first tribe who would win this week’s Immunity would also take with them a reward of pastries, brownies, and fresh hot and cold drip coffee.

During the challenge, the three tribes competed in a three-person obstacle course and table maze. The catch? Blindfolds.

One caller from each tribe would guide the two other blind-folded tribe members through the series of obstacles, while they are pushing them on a wheelbarrow. It was close — very close in the end. The Tiva and Jabeni tribe took home Immunity, which means someone on the Vuku tribe would be going home.

It was no surprise that Davie and Elizabeth were scrambling hard when they got back at camp. Elizabeth, desperate to find the Hidden Immunity Idol, encourages Davie to run along and search for it with her. What she doesn’t know is that Davie found the idol five days prior. Davie decided to go along with it though.

The original Goliath alliance, Kara, Natalia, and Alec seem not as tight as they thought. Natalia is demanding assurance from Alec and even threatens Davie to vote Elizabeth out. She’s bullying her tribe, and Alec doesn’t like it.

At Tribal, there’s a scene where Alec whispers to Elizabeth, and Natalia freaks out. There’s so much sass going on with Natalia, that Davie, Elizabeth, and Alec voted her out of the tribe. Leaving her angry, annoyed, unpleasant — and, well, you get the point.

Next week, Carl from Exile will be joining the Vuku tribe.


What an episode! It just shows that paranoia will always send you home in the game of Survivor. In Natalia’s case, also rudeness.

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