Southfield (CBS Detroit) – Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Gretchen Whitmer and her Republican Challenger Bill Schuette stopped by CBS 62 studios to talk with MICHIGAN MATTERS Senior Producer/Host Carol Cain about how each would fix the woes of K-12 public education, pay for ailing roads and help financially distressed cities and school districts.

The two politicians are among candidates from across the state vying for votes with Election Day inching near on Nov. 6.

Interest in that race and others in Michigan is high with absentee ballots up 20-percent from the last midterm election in 2014.

The two candidates, who appeared separately with Cain, offered ideas on a variety of topics such as how they would help students in Michigan who trail other states in reading and other test scores.

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Gretchen Whitmer, with Michigan Matters Host Carol Cain

Both candidates also offered comments about Gov. Rick Snyder, who will wind down his time as Michigan’s governor as one of them will take over the job.

GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Bill Schuette, with Michigan Matters Host Carol Cain

On the heels of Detroit’s bankruptcy and Emergency Managers for DPS, the two candidates offered thoughts on helping distressed school districts and municipalities.

And they talked about Michigan and its focus keeping cyber security front and center and also their personal thoughts on legalizing recreational marijuana which is among proposals being put forth before Michigan voters as well on Nov. 6.

Watch MICHIGAN MATTERS Sunday at 11:30 on CBS 62

  1. I have this to say about road infrastructure. Michigan is not Florida, Louisiana, or California. Bridges and road infrastructure are absolutely necessary for transportation of goods and people to the markets and across Canada. They are subject to wear and tear much faster than the other states. Hence, we have to carefully use the funds we have and spend them wisely.

    Yet, I see that the Democrats spend extravagantly transportation money on pet projects in public transportation like the monorail in Detroit. Please Democrats, save the money to fix the “damn roads”, not on some futuristic Disneyland monorail system that few people use!

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