ST. LOUIS (CBS Local) — A Missouri mother is suing a day care center after surveillance and iPad cameras captured teachers encouraging preschool students to fight each other.

Nicole Merseal said her then-4-year-old son was encouraged to fight another child in a “fight club” style scenario at the Adventure Learning Center in St. Louis. The videos show a child with a large green glove, known as a “Hulk Hand,” on his right hand, punching another boy as he lies on the ground, as adults and other children watch. Merseal told KTVI she cannot watch it without crying.

“He doesn’t understand why his friends were fighting him, why he got beat up by his best friends,” she said. “And it was on his fourth birthday.”

The iPad video was shot by her then 10-year-old son, who was with older kids in the next room, in December 2016.

Day care cameras also recorded more than 30 minutes of the kids fighting.

Two teachers at the day care center were reportedly fired immediately and state regulators increased inspections after the incident.

But Merseal does not think enough was done and is suing the day care center for more than $35,000, Yahoo Lifestyle reports.

“I want them to be held accountable and I don’t want this to happen to any other child.”