For some, holiday online shopping will go hand-in-hand with a Hot Toddy.

That’s according to‘s 2018 Holiday Shopping and Gifting Survey, where researchers polled over 1,000 Americans to learn about their shopping plans for the upcoming holiday season.

Eighteen percent of Americans surveyed report that they’re “likely” or “very likely” to make drunk purchases online this holiday season.

Below is the breakdown from the Holiday Gifting Survey:

How likely are you to shop online after drinking this holiday season?

• Very likely – 12%

• Likely – 6%

• Somewhat likely – 10%

• Not at all likely – 72%

Another recent “Buzzed Buying” survey about spending habits of drunk online shoppers states that those who shop under the influence spend big bucks, such as alcohol-fueled Amazon splurges.

According to the survey, Americans who drink gin before online shopping spend the most—$82.40—while those who drink whiskey and then online shop spend the least—$38.84.

The survey reports Americans’ most “regrettable” purchases while drunk are cell phones and cell phone accessories.

The most enjoyable drunk purchases? Musical instruments and pet supplies.

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