Survivor: David Vs Goliath came to a thrilling conclusion last night in Los Angeles and Nick Wilson has been crowned this season’s Sole Survivor along with being the latest recipient of the $1,000,000 grand prize.

CBS Local’s Matt Weiss caught up with Wilson earlier today to see how things were going with America’s newest millionaire.

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MW- Good morning Nick and congratulations to you sir!

NW- Thank you Matt, thank you very much!

MW- You are officially the 36th person to win Survivor. What’s it like in that moment when you realize all your hard work has paid off?

NW- I’m just so happy. Last night when I saw the names being read I just couldn’t control my tears, I was crying, it made me cry, it was unbelievable. It was such a surreal moment. I was feeling light headed, I thought I might pass out [laughs].

MW- I don’t think anyone could blame you for being a little dizzy in that moment. Took a lot of strategy and maneuvering in the game to become the sole survivor, can you look back and pick out one move in particular that you felt was your best move? Something that really shifted the tide in your favor?

NW- Yea, I think when the Davids combined our powers and took out two Goliaths in a row, John and Dan, that was my pivotal moment. That was my big stamp on the game in my game play. Splitting the minority vote, getting John voted out with only three votes when there were 12 people voting, that was a huge accomplishment.

MW- That was a moment that really worked out for you but I have to ask about another play that almost came back to haunt you when you played the fake idol, then played your real idol and it turned out no one voted for you. Can you talk me through your strategy there and what exactly the deal was with that tribal?

NW- Yea that was certainly one of my mistakes. As far as my strategy behind the fake idol, I just wanted other people to not look for the idol so in that sense it worked. Kara, Allison, Christian – the people I didn’t want to have an idol, they didn’t find one because they weren’t looking.

It kind of blew up in my face because I didn’t tell Davie and Davie was my closest ally. Davie was the one who knew I had a real idol so then of course he thinks I have two idols and that puts a target on your back pretty quick. I was able to fix the situation when I basically came clean to Davie and told him everything that happened.

What happened at tribal council was, I played my fake idol but Jeff thought it was real [laughs]. I literally thought of that idea when we were walking up to vote so none of the producers or Jeff or anybody were prepared for me to play a fake idol. It just caught everything off guard. So I came clean that it was a fake and then it was time to decide if I wanted to play my real idol and I didn’t know what to do. I actually asked Mike and Angelina if I should play my idol and they both said no but I was so frazzled at things going the way they were I just decided I wasn’t going to risk going home with a real idol in my pocket. Sometimes it’s a little bit of a curse to have one so I figured let me just play this now and get it over with.

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MW- So that turned out to not be the best move but as we talk today clearly it didn’t hurt your game too badly. You’re a lawyer by trade and that seemed to really help you in another phase of the game when you presented your case to the final jury. Did you feel like you were uniquely prepared for the finale given your experience in the court room?

NW- Yea, I felt like I was very confident in front of the jury. I felt like I was able to lay out my case coherently and effectively and that was just based on my skills I’ve developed from being a lawyer. But the thing is, nobody knew I was a lawyer so nobody expected me to do that. I think it made it even more impressive that I was so eloquent and had such a good final tribal when nobody saw it coming.

If they knew I was a lawyer or knew I had trials they may have expected it a bit more and maybe I wouldn’t have gotten as much credit. It all worked out well.

MW- Always good to lay low, especially when there a seven-figure paycheck on the line. What do you take away from this experience, other than that million dollar check?

NW- Well on a personal level I just take away how blessed we are and to remain thankful and graceful for everything. I realized how much I take for granted when I was out there starving and miserable and getting rained on [laughs]. But I still tried to enjoy every second of it because it was a once in a lifetime thing, I think it provided a lot of clarity.

From a game standpoint I think it teaches you things that no amount of watching ever could, so I really respected it in that way.

MW- And finally, what’s next for Nick Wilson?

NW- On a personal level, just go home and go back to work I guess [laughs]. Maybe take a little time off, just a week or two, and then I guess work again and try to get back to normal life. It’s been such an epic adventure for me but it’s been a really long one. I started going through casting over a year ago so it has been a huge part of my life for awhile now. It’s been so much and I enjoyed so much of it but I am just glad to celebrate and relax now.

MW- Well there you have it, Survivor: David Vs Goliath champion – Nick Wilson. Thank you for the time today, well played this season and congratulations again! Enjoy that down time!

NW- Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

Tune in next season for more Survivor action. Check for updates and information.

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