Detroit (CBS Detroit) -The Drone Science Company consults with Industries in drone implementation.  In addition, they work in STEM (Science, Technolgy, Engineering and Mathematics) education and the focus are on Drones, Neuroscience, Robotics, and Geographic Information Systems.

Dr. Kyla Berry, CEO of The Drone Science Company, shares her drone expertise with young students at Ecotek Labs in Detroit. “One of the ways that I’m participating today is to come out to Ecotek and share some of the tools that I have, and seeing what tools the kids are working within the community”.

“Ecotek Lab was started with the focus of developing opportunities for student scientists working with the United Nations,” says Keith Young, Founder and CEO Ecotek Labs. “We felt like innovation would be the next opportunity for young people in the city of Detroit, so they’re learning how to do Chemistry from a hands-on perspective”.

“We have the J Dilla Foundation event which will be at the Museum of African American History,” adds Dr. Berry. We will be allowing kids to fly drones and use neuroscience and robotics tools”.


“I think as we get older in our professions, we’re sometimes uncomfortable asking specific questions or putting certain ideas out there. But children certainly are not uncomfortable with asking questions, so they get the validation that they’ve actually added something to this industry.”

“I see my company, specifically with the new STEM Drone model kits that we have coming out, getting further integrated within education systems and within STEM systems in general and continue to provide tools for the foreseeable future.”

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