Peabody (WBZ) — Falling ice on the highway caused another dangerous incident Friday. Ice flew off a truck and smashed the windshield of a sedan on I-95 North in Peabody, according to Mass. State Police.

“The last storm was days ago, but that doesn’t mean the ice buildup on vehicles is no longer a hazard. If you see a vehicle with a potentially dangerous situation, do not hesitate to dial 911 and report it,” State Police wrote on Facebook.

Fortunately, the 19-year-old woman driving the sedan was able to safely pull over and she was not injured. The truck driver has not been located.

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State Police in Masschusetts and New Hampshire have been reminding drivers to “Clear Ice and Snow Before You Go!” all winter long. Jessica’s Law in New Hampshire requires drivers to remove all snow and ice from their cars before hitting the road. One N.H. Trooper alone arrested two people who were violating the law Wednesday.

On Thursday, a six-year-old girl in Andover was injured when a large piece of ice shattered the windshield of the car she was in. The ice and the glass cut her face.

State Police said they determined the driver responsible was a 34-year-old man from Williamsport, Pennsylvania driving for Watsontown Trucking of Milton, Pennsylvania.

“Our investigation determined that the driver was not aware of ice on top of the trailer or that anything had fallen from his truck. The driver will be cited for carrying an unsecured load,” said State Police.

Having an unsecured load is a civil infraction that carries a $200 fine. The state of Massachusetts does not have a specific law against failing to clear ice or snow from a vehicle.

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