Stockton, CA (CBS Detroit) – When you order your food from a delivery service, you think you can trust them, right? You might think twice after reading this.

A family in Stockton, California had a milkshake delivered from Cold Stone Creamery, and their doorbell camera might make you think twice about ordering delivery.

Seconds before the teenager answered the door; the delivery driver looks as though he’s sipping out of the milkshake seconds before the door opens and he hands it to the teen.

The family says they didn’t notice until the next day when they looked at the footage.

The father, Rajesh Malhotra said “I looked at it, hey, hey the guy who delivered the food was sipping out of my son’s Cold Stone.

Rajesh’s son, Rishab said, “I brushed my teeth five or six times. I felt really disgusted.”

The family reached out to DoorDash after the incident, hoping for an apology, but as of Friday, they have not responded.

Rajesh said, “We have trust between the company and the drivers, once that trust is broken, we can’t go back.”

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