OAKLAND TOWNSHIP (AP) — Authorities say a 70-year-old motorcyclist has died after he collided with a turkey that was trying to cross a road in suburban Detroit.

The crash happened Saturday afternoon in Oakland Township, about 22 miles northwest of Detroit.

The Oakland County sheriff’s office says several turkeys started to cross the road in front of the man and one of them took flight, colliding with him and causing him to lose control of the motorcycle. The man’s left leg was severed below the knee when he struck a guardrail.

The sheriff’s office says the Oxford Township man was stabilized by paramedics at the scene, but he died after being taken to a hospital. The crash is under investigation.

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  1. A lot of motorists have been killed by too much Wild Turkey.

    1. Kenneth L. Baiko says:

      What an asinine comment.

      1. Justin Playfare says:

        You’re reading anonymous comments from internet users. What were you expecting? Shakespeare?

  2. Jack Inmanz says:

    One of those things flew right in front of me on the freeway. I had to pull over and toss my underpants.

  3. Peter York says:

    TURKEY ATTACKS SYRIA! Mr. Joseph Syria died at the hospital.

    Yes friends, your democrat leaders in Michigan are pleased to announce the state-wide installation of the modern highway safety device: the ‘Alla-beep-raised razor guardrail’! Suggested by a Somali Shaman, the design neatly splits the motorcyclist in two, creating two compact pieces that fly off the road, instead of allowing the entire carcass to bounce back into traffic, causing further devastation, and preventing Michiganders from arriving at their 5X daily Moslem prayer site.

  4. Hal Slusher says:

    Yeah sad but true you can get killed by roadkill even in a car.

  5. Jay Moreno says:

    Under investigation? Is there a suspicion that the turkey was flying impaired, or what?

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