Many Metro Detroit high school seniors are graduating and getting ready to take their next steps into their future. These programs and organizations are here to help them achieve their college and career goals:

1. Joyce Ivy Foundation

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The Joyce Ivy Foundation was started to give young women in the Midwest more elite educational opportunities and resources. The founders recognized the unlimited potential in Midwest states, but also realized that girls did not know they had the capacity to attend  top-performing colleges. The scholarship was named in honor of a young Michigan woman named Joyce whose life was cut short due to cancer. Click here for more information. 

2. The Youth Connection

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The Youth Connection Career Academics provides career and college prep training to youth in the Metro Detroit area. The program offers students tutoring, workshops, seminars, trips and paid summer internships. The end goal is to ensure that youth have a road map to success. Click here for more information. 

3. Enact Your Future

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Enact Your Future helps students with SAT and ACT prep. The organization offers students a chance to take a practice SAT or ACT test. Afterwards, they share their test results with their respective educators to create an academic success plan. All in all,  they give students the tools to perform well academically. Click here for more information. 


4. Detroit Speaks, Inc.

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Danielle Hughes and Brianna Alexander founded Detroit Speaks, Inc as a way to provide Metro Detroit youth with after-high school options. Detroit Speaks, Inc. offers students workshops, career panels, scholarships, and mentorship. They constantly are active in the community.  Click here for more information. 

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