One of the reasons that I love Spotify is the fact that they create end of year playlists for their users. It might not seem like a big deal to some, but the reminiscent quality of this playlist allows me to see a bird’s-eye view of my past self. What was I listening to in January? Who was I in January?

So you can imagine my surprise, when last week a swirl of tweets with screenshots of Apple Music playlists named “Replay 2019” started appearing before my eyes. Being someone who has fluctuated between being a subscriber of both Spotify and Apple Music (I need to use up those old iTunes gift cards somehow), was the reason to stay with Spotify finally diminishing?

There are many reasons to choose one subscription service over another, in light of the recent release of Disney+, the streaming wars are becoming more prevalent than ever and this is clearly taking form in more than just movies. A look at the music that I’ve been listening to throughout the year is something that I’ve wanted from Apple Music for years.

This new feature is called Apple Music Replay, and it allows subscribers to take a look at their most listened to music in 2019. It gives a breakdown of artists, albums and songs that you spent this year listening to.

The best part about the feature is that playlists are available for every year that an Apple Music subscriber has had the service – meaning all the way back to 2015. These playlists can be added to their Apple Music library to stream and are constantly updated each Sunday with new songs and data insights.

For years, Spotify has provided their own aggregated playlist in a feature called Wrapped. Now that Apple has an equivalent feature, will Spotify try something new as well? Only time will tell.

Take a look at your playlist, on Apple Music Replay on the web.

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