DETROIT, Mich. (CBS DETROIT) – Local Mindset Coach Kristy Love is helping the community unlearn bad habits and tackle procrastination with a four-week online course and one-on-one coaching program.

Love has been teaching the power of affirmations and mindset in communities over the last four years.

“A lot of us can have goals, but then we put those goals in our notebooks and they will literally sit in there for months,” said Love.

She says throughout the community there is lack of motivation, lack of abundance and lack of wanting to get the work done.

“I go in and teach urban communities how to do the mindset work first and then help them create a strategic plan on how to get their goals accomplished. You can’t work on your goals with the old mindset. That never works, this time you need to be open to knowing that there are endless possibilities for you,” said Love.

Here are the benefits of the Procrastination Plan:

  • Discover what kind of procrastinator you are
  • Identify the root cause of your procrastination
  • Learn how to reprogram your mindset
  • Implement new techniques and activities to remove procrastination
  • Workbooks, videos and worksheets available

For more information or to register, visit here.

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