DETROIT (CBS DETROIT) – On March 17 drivers with the Detroit Department of Transportation walked off the job and refused to drive, over COVID-19 concerns.

One of those drivers was Jason Hardgrove.

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“Its at some point in time we gotta draw the line and say enough is enough,” Hardgrove said in a Facebook video.

Hardgrove posted a video live on Facebook, expressing his concern over a passenger coughing on his bus. that was march 21.

“On the 23rd, he came back to Facebook and let us all know that he was found positive for the coronavirus, that was on the 23rd, and nine days later he lost his life,” said DDOT Bus Driver Reggie Glasgow.

Hardgrove’s friend, Glasgow, says his death could have been prevented. He says when they walked off the job and voiced safety concerns, management implemented some changes, but he says it was not enough to keep them safe.

“Boarding the passengers through the back door and blocking off the entrance for them to come to the front, we thought that would be safe,” said Glasgow.

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Glasgow says it wasn’t, because germs still travel around the bus. he also says drivers were told their buses would be cleaned at the end of every line, and that hasn’t happened.

DDOT released a statement saying they are devastated by the loss of Jason Hargrove and their hearts go out the his family.

they also stated, drivers will be tested alongside police and other emergency personal.

Drivers say they’re not only concerned about their safety but also the safety of passengers, saying many of them are not traveling for essential purposes, but just taking advantage of free services.

“Our concerns is safety and with Jason dying, it don’t need to be no more of us dying,” said Glasgow.

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