DETROIT, Mich. (CBS DETROIT) – The Detroit Zoo has been closed since mid-March due to the pandemic, but is reopening Monday, June 8.

Detroit Zoo Members will have exclusive opportunities to visit during a four-day soft reopening period. Reservations started June 5 on its website. For the first few weeks, members will only be able to make reservations for the people currently listed on their membership.

Zoo Capacity

Initially, there will be limited capacity at the Detroit Zoo to 1,000 guests per day over our 125 acres. No more than 500 guests will be permitted on the Zoo grounds at any one time. After the first phase, we will welcome general admission guests to book a timed ticket with an increased capacity limit of 2,000 per day.


After scheduling your visit, you will receive an email with your digital ticket, safety details and a digital map, as the Zoo will not be providing paper maps.

Mask Up

All Detroit Zoo visitors (2 and up) – unless otherwise prevented by a medical condition – will be expected to wear a face mask or shield in order to help maintain the safety of all visitors, staff and animals. This is important for the safety of the animals living here as well as for humans. Face masks will be available for purchase outside of the main admission gate entrance.

For more information visit here.

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  1. Dennis Gorsline says:

    This would be great news if only the online reservation system worked. The system keeps saying ‘membership expired’ when it is not expired. Numerous attempts to contact the Detroit Zoo have gone unanswered. Perhaps it is really their poor customer service that is losing them money also?

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