(CBS DETROIT) – Many public places are requiring customers to wear masks across Michigan, but one grocery store in Benzie County is taking a different approach when enforcing the rule.

The Honor Family Market has posted a sign outside their front door notifying customers if they choose to wear a mask, they will have to pay for it.  The sign asks customers to be “courteous, and respectful” and “wear a mask.” This is a new twist to the term ‘no shoes, no shirt, no service.’ Some stores are now saying ‘no mask, no service.’

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“Yeah, matter of fact the lady she just told me I couldn’t come in her store if I didn’t have a mask,” said Benzie County resident, Fred Navarro.

The store will provide customers a mask for one dollar if they do not have one.  If someone chooses not to wear one, the store will add a $10 “hazardous service” charge to that customer.

“If they want to charge extra for people who don’t want to wear one, people can always say no and walk away from it,” said Benzie County resident Ken Belch.

Some customers said the heightened mask enforcement is one of the reasons they shop at the Honor Family Market.

“I’m not frequenting stores where I observe people not wearing masks,” said Cliff.

“I’m so glad they are doing this,” said shopper Joanne Walrad. “I’m sick of going into stores where no one has a mask on. Thank you, Honor Family Market.”

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While most customers are glad the store is reinforcing the masks, Attorney Tim Smith said the store doesn’t necessarily have to do that.

“There’s nothing on Executive Order 2020-126, which is the current order governing grocery stores, that requires them to enforce the customer’s duty to mask up when medically tolerable in a closed public space,” said Tim Smith with Smith & Johnson, Attorneys P.C. “I think it’s unfortunate that grocery stores, retail stores, hardware stores, bars and restaurants have been put in a position of having to act as the mask police.”

So, is it legal for stores to charge its customers for not wearing masks?

“That’s a great question – I don’t think it’s illegal for them to charge,” said Smith. “Now… I would hope that the store is able to differentiate between the folks that are simply exercising what they feel is their constitutional right not to mask versus someone who is medically unable to tolerate it.”

The store owners refused to comment on the signage, but an employee said they’re just trying to do the right thing.

According to the Honor Family Market Facebook page, as of Sunday, the store had not charged anyone.

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