By Bria Brown

MICHIGAN (WNEM) – At only a month-and-a-half, newborn Carson is already fighting to stay alive.

Pinconning newborn fighting for life. Click the photo above for more information.

“They found out that it was cancer when he was only a week old,” said Lauren Arquette, Carson’s aunt.

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Arquette said Carson’s ordeal began the day doctors discovered a lump on his back. That was just a few days after his birth in August.

His parents took him to the University of Michigan children’s hospital. Doctors there informed them Carson had cancer on his adrenal gland. Those particular glands are located on the top of each kidney.

Several tests and appointments later, doctors discovered his tumor had doubled in size and would require emergency surgery.

“When I found out yesterday that my nephew was going to have surgery, I didn’t know where to start,” Arquette said.

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Arquette said the news was devastating. She wanted to do whatever she could to help him. So she started a GoFundMe hoping to generate enough money to at least assist the family with travel expenses and lodging in Ann Arbor.

The story behind the GoFundMe apparently struck a vein of goodwill. In just 12 hours, it has raised nearly $1,900.

“That really warmed my heart. There’s a lot of really good people out there who understand that things like this are really difficult,” Arquette said.

Arquette said she doesn’t have a set goal for the account. She just hopes people keep sharing and donating until Carson gets better.

“I know that they are more than grateful for each and every person even just praying. I mean, we’re all family. We’re in this together. We’ll fight this together. And we’ll win,” Arquette said.

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