DETROIT (AP) —  According to a misconduct case filed Tuesday, a Detroit-area judge knew that her grandsons were being abused but covered it up and then lied about it when testifying in court.
The Judicial Tenure Commission, which serves as a watchdog over Michigan’s judiciary, filed a complaint against Wayne County Circuit Judge Tracy Green, who has been on the bench for nearly two years.
Before becoming a judge, Green was aware that her son was striking two sons with a belt and slapping them, the complaint states.
She applied makeup to conceal the injuries, the commission alleged.
In 2019, after Green became a judge, she was questioned by commission staff and denied knowing about abuse “under any circumstances.” She also made false statements while testifying in Juvenile Court, the complaint states.
“There’s nothing that I have done or would ever do that would jeopardize the safety of any child, particularly a child that I love,” Green said.
Her son, Gary Davis-Headd Jr., was convicted of second-degree child abuse in 2019. He was sentenced to four years in prison, according to online records.