(CBSLOCAL)- Mac is back! New episodes of MacGyver begin tonight at 8:00PM ET/PT, only on CBS and streaming on CBS All Access. Everyone’s favorite handman Angus MacGyver returns with a whole new slate of challenges to overcome and gadgets to create.

CBS‘ Matt Weiss spoke to Lucas Till, who plays MacGyver, about returning to work, what fans have to look forward to and telescopic rocket launchers.

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MW: Lucas, nice to see you again man. I’m sure with the way that things have gone this year you weren’t even sure if there would be a new season at one point or another. How does it feel to be back?

LT: You’re 100% correct. I didn’t know what was going to happen. When we came back, I was looking at the COVID protocol and I was like what is this, how are we going to get anything done? Then when I got here you get used to a couple of different protocols in the morning or a different routine and everything is the exact same.

Everybody’s wearing mask, you stay further away from certain people. You can talk to people, just going further away. It was touch and go for a while. Come to find out that this is the best season I’ve ever had. It’s crazy how that worked out.

MW: That’s awesome. On this show in particular so there’s so much going on and stunts to perform. You said it’s going really well, but what have been some of the challenges that you’ve seen?

LT: Some of the challenges, honestly there’s false positives that wipes out an entire group for the day even though it’s false. I think that’s frustrating for everyone up top too and frustrating for us, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. It can happen and it may happen again, but that’s OK we’ll deal with it because it’s better to be working and making a show for everybody from all the way to the bottom to the top. It’s been really nice to be able to do this, like I said.

MW: Now that we are back there’s a lot going on as always with MacGyver. Your caught in between multiple women, you got lots of things to figure out here. What’s going to happen this season?

LT: I never understood people being polygamous, that’s not what Mac’s doing [laughs] but I’m just saying having one significant other is hard enough, how do you have more than one? How do you get caught between and then he’s also saving the world on top of it. Really, it’s more about them making these decisions than Mac. He’s not really choosing, they are. They got the choice.

It’s awesome though because I love going to work every day with the people that I work with. It’s not always the case and we got a great group of people with cast and crew. Production and pre-production side, the writers’ side all those people are just turning out these great scripts. It’s a pleasure.

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MW: A big part of MacGyver are the inventions, or the things that he’ll put together. How do this season’s creations and tricks match up to some previous seasons that you guys have put together?

LT: There’s some good stuff, today I used an old rotary phone to do a Morse Code messenger. The other day, I used a telescope as a rocket launcher or a fire extinguisher rocket. That was pretty cool. I honestly always forget when people ask me about the coolest stuff.

MW: When you’re building rocket launcher telescopes I guess it all kind of blends together at some point.

LT: [Laughs] Correct.

MW: Last question before I let you go. As you mentioned a few times it’s amazing just be able to put out new episodes. Fans of MacGyver have been wanting new episodes for a while, so how good does that feel to give your fans new episodes to tune in and turn everything else off for a little bit?

LT: Yeah, it’s nuts. I mean I realize everybody’s going through similar things. I realized talking to my dad or my mom, they’re both fans of the show, and it’s like oh wow this does mean a lot to you, it means a lot to me to do it. It means a lot to them to be able to watch on their Friday nights and escape what’s going on right now. I think it’s going be cool to deliver that to fans.

MW: Absolutely. Lucas, thank you so much, always a pleasure talking to you and all the best.

LT: Alright, thanks man!

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Tune in for new episodes of MacGyver on Friday nights at 8:00PM ET/PT, only on CBS and streaming on CBS All Access. Check your local listings for more information.