(CBS DETROIT) – State Rep. Cynthia Johnson shared a scathing voicemail on Facebook for the world to hear where the caller threatens to lynch the Black democratic lawmaker.

“F– you b–! Your time is f– coming! You’ll see. From the f– gallows you’ll be hanging! C–!,” the caller could be heard on the voicemail saying.

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The threat follows a Michigan House Oversight Committee hearing over claims of election fraud with President Donald Trump’s Attorney Rudy Giuliani.

And the battle over the election carried on throughout the weekend.

Stop the Steal, a group pushing to keep President Trump in office rallied outside of Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s home Saturday night calling Michigan’s election fraudulent and demanding an audit.

“She has decided to completely ignore all of the credible, credible fraudulent evidence that has been continually presented and pointed out.”

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Secretary Benson is speaking out about the encounter.

She says threats and acts of intimidation won’t change the outcome of the election.

“I do think things have gone too far. I thought that for a while now. Not just with the escalation of hateful rhetoric which often leads to hateful actions but also us the effort to spread false information about this election. The people have spoken, it’s been a month now since the election, since the polls closed,” she said.

CW50 called Genevieve Peters from Stop the Steal Monday to discuss the protest outside Benson’s home.

She told our Cryss Walker she didn’t have a comment and to call back in an hour. Walker said after numerous attempts to get her back on the line no one answered.

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