(CBS DETROIT) – Two shootings on two Detroit freeways in less than 24 hours is a sign that there’s a big problem driving the city.

Monday two people were shot dead on I-96 and one was fatally hit by a car while trying to flee the scene.

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Tuesday gunfire was exchanged on the Southfield freeway injuring a driver.

“And even if it’s not your love one being shot at, what if that car flips and hits your love one? Your daughter, your son going to work, that’s scary,” said Maurice “Pastor Mo” Hardwick, Live In Peace Movement.

In 2020, Michigan State Police investigated over a dozen highway shootings in Detroit and now police are looking for the gunmen involved in two non-related freeway shoot-outs.

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The highway shootings stirred up chatter online about surveillance on the roads but Michigan State Police First Lt. Mike Shaw says there are already cameras mounted by MDOT and they are currently reviewing the footage for the investigation.

We don’t stop all crime but you at least can record it. Right, and you can investigate it. It’s also, it’s a deterrent. Those freeways down under it’s nothing down there. Nobody’s there sitting watching, it’s no security sitting watching and I think people feel it’s a free for all,” Hardwick said.

Hardwick is now planning a community prayer rally to calm the rowdy roads. He says he’s working with Detroit Police, Michigan State Police and local clergy to bring civility back to the interstate.

“Maybe it will cause folks to say hey, let me calm down. I don’t want to be the one caught up in that. So, let me not brake check. Let me not be so aggressive when I’m driving. Let me not be so angry when someone cuts in front of me. I think that it can cause also people to realize that you can’t settle your beef on a freeway anymore because people are watching,” Hardwick said.

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