(CBS DETROIT) — Essential workers have continued reporting to work since the beginning of the pandemic and have been an important part of keeping their communities running during this time.

Although essential work is considered more dangerous, Business.org found that nationwide, essential workers are paid 18.2% less than employees in other industries.

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On a local level, Michigan ranked No. 27 on the list, and essential workers in Michigan make 18.8% less than the average salary for all other occupations.

The map below shows how much less essential workers make in each state.

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Credit: Business.org

Here are some other facts that they found in their report:

  • Cashiers make the least nationwide at an average of $23,600, while postal service employees (at an average of $51.3K) make the most.
  • In every state, restaurant workers earn less than the average salary for all other occupations.
  • Some good news: 32 states pay retail workers better than the national average.
  • On average, U.S. teachers are paid 6.7% less than all other occupations.
  • Nationally, nurses earn 45% more than the average salary across the country!

To view the full report, visit https://www.business.org/finance/accounting/average-salary-of-essential-workers/

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