(CBS Local)– Paramount+ has a lot of great things to watch, but one of the best that’s available to stream right now is the final season of “Younger.” The TV Land hit from creator Darren Star was one of the first shows to be rolled out on ViacomCBS’ new streaming platform. The show has been a life-changer for actor Molly Bernard and she will be sad to see it go after the seventh season wraps up in early June.

CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith talked with Bernard about playing Lauren Heller, working with Hilary Duff and her new movie “Milkwater.”

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“I had just graduated from the Yale School of Drama and I was basically still a student,” said Bernard. “When I booked Younger, I was such a crazy hard worker, so much so that a few of my castmates told me to chill. I auditioned for a six line guest star in the pilot and then it became a seven year family. If I go back that far and think about it, that’s kind of an actor’s dream.”

One of the great joys of this experience for Bernard has been working with Duff. While their characters spend a ton of time together on the show, Bernard and Duff have actually struck up a really great relationship away from the set as well.

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“We have become each other’s best friends in a lot of ways,” said Bernard. “I officiated her wedding and I am her daughter’s godmother. I was there for her other daughter’s birth. I feel like I’m her student and parent in training. She is really my best friend and picks up on weird stuff that is going on with me before I do. It happened in season two or season one and we started to have lunch together every day. We friend fell in love.”

While “Younger” is coming to an end for Bernard, she is excited her next project, which is a movie called “Milkwater.” The actor plays a character named Milo who is trying to find herself and decides to become the surrogate for an older gay man she meets at a bar.

“The highlight of Milkwater for me was that it was an impossible project and that’s why I was drawn to it,” said Bernard. “The script was long, but it moves really fast. The challenge was playing someone who has a lot to say very fast and who is pretty lost. She is a millennial who is flailing and she volunteers to be a surrogate for a man she just met. That’s a wild thing and I related to the fact that she was struggling in her late 20s. I was there, I remember it well and I wish I could forget. I wanted to tell that story because I lived that. I wanted to tell that story in a way that would resonate.”

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Stream “Younger” on Paramount+ right now.