By Sara Powers

(CNN) – In a few short weeks, ultracyclist Phil Fox will be going for the ride of his life, almost non-stop.

Phil Fox said, “Chances are maybe I’ll get two to three hours of sleep, and I’ll be pedaling probably twenty-three hours a day, to see how fast we can pull this off.”

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He has gone on thousand-mile cross country races in all weather conditions, and this next challenge is almost that far.

Fox explained that each year he pushes himself a little bit harder and learns what he needs to do in order to improve.

Reporter Mark Rivera said, “Fox will take his first pedal for this attempt right here at Buckingham Fountain. He’ll head north through Wisconsin along the lake, head east over the Mackinac Bridge into Michigan, hug the Michigan coastline, go into northwest Indiana, and then come up north along the lake right here to Buckingham Fountain. Nine-hundred-and-forty miles in just seventy-two hours.”

Fox has two close friends who were diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), and he is raising money with his ride to end MS.

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“I’m trying to support them in, in maybe the one way that I really can,” said Fox.

He also wants to bring the world record for biking the whole of Lake Michigan home to Chicago.

Fox said, “If I can eat on the bike, if I can drink on the bike, you know, it’s faster to be pedaling than it is to be stopping. // It truly is an adventure that I don’t think I’m going to get sick of anytime soon.”

He is set to start his ride on June 17.

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