(CBS DETROIT)– The creek behind the Cranberry subdivision in Clinton Township looks normal now, but Sunday it was anything but, and that gave residents there quite a scare.

“It was really like obvious I mean it was just like a little hint of a discoloration it was like something you would see out of a movie set,” said concerned neighbor Erick Mamudovski.

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A scary movie that is. Neighbors in the subdivision off 17 mile road near Hayes noticed the bright green water in their creek Sunday afternoon. By Monday the creek returned to its normal color, but the concerns were still there.

“We’re not like panicked about it but it’s concerning we would like to know where it come from and what the story is,” Mamudovski said.

Wanting to know ourselves CW50 reached out to the Macomb County office of Public Works.

“We immediately went into our emergency response protocols,” Public Works Commissioner Candice S. Miller said Monday. “Fortunately, what we have now found is there was some dye testing being done by the local water and sewer department and they probably didn’t dilute the dye as much as they should have and all of it came out into the drain very green like.”

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Miller says this should have been communicated to her department in order to prevent residents’ concerns, some neighbors called police and fire after seeing the green water. She says tests and samples taken showed no contaminates in the water, and its safe for people and animals.

“A good intention because they were doing dye testing to see if there was actually some sort of sanitary sewer connection that was going into the drain, which they found it was not,” said Miller.

“That’s good to know, it’s the first time I’m being made aware of that, but it’ll be nice to send out some notices next time they do some testing,” Mamudovski said

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